What $1 Million Gets You Around The World – Real Estate in Canada, U.S.A, India, China, U.K, & Japan

Date: 2019-12-10 17:37:49

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Hey Everyone, In this video I show you what $1 million dollars gets you in different cities and countries around the world. The countries that i cover in this video are Canada, united states, india, china, great britain, and japan. An I only talk about their most populated cities…Toronto, Delhi, New York, Bejing, London, and Tokyo.

I made this video based on the success of a brief 15 second clip on my tiktok: @jackchapple. It’s kind of amazin how a million dollars will get you a closet in new york while getting you a castle in west virginia.

What do you guys think about the international real estate market? Where do you want to live? And what kind of residence do you like?

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