Watch Live: President Tries Again To Defend His Farcical Exit Strategy From Afghanistan

After Friday’s farcical fib-fest, President Biden is going to take another run at updating the nation on the status of the disastrous exodus from Afghanistan. According to The White House, the president will also address the state of the nations’ COVID response and his administration’s response to Hurricane Henri.

The biggest question is whether he will take questions from reporters since it appeared from Friday’s effort that the media has well and truly turned against his administration and he can no longer count on softball questions that he has prepared for and support his narrative.

Here’s some questions we suspect every American would like answers to.

On Afghanistan:

  • Did Biden know he was lying when he said he had no knowledge of any Americans (or Afghan allies) having trouble getting to the airport?

  • How long has Biden been aware of the growing ISIS threat?

  • Why does Biden continue to trust the Taliban when they just set a woman on fire for being a bad cook and assassinated an Afghan ally?

  • How does Biden feel about seeing Taliban dressed in US military clothing, driving US military trucks, carrying US military weapons, and re-enacting the Iwo Jima flag-raising moment?

Oh, and on COVID…

  • Is the president at all concerned about the rapidly rising case count among vaccinated people which appears to provide evidence that the vaccines are entirely useless?

  • What “science” are you basing the decision to mandate mask-wearing – since there is none?

  • Why does the president refuse to give everyday Americans (parents specifically) the right to determine their own risk tolerances with regard unmasked children and vaccinations?

  • Is the president somewhat reassured that the peak in Delta cases is almost behind us and so the authoritarian crackdowns that have been reinstated can be lifted?

  • Is the president testing Afghan immigrants for COVID? Why is the president not testing illegal southern border-crossers?

Watch Live (due to start at 1600ET)