Villager Commits Suicide Over Village Merging in Shandong Human Rights Epoch News

Date: 2020-08-01 19:30:05

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Starting in June 2019, Shandong province a village-merging campaign was heavily promoted with plans to demolish 20% or more of 14,000 villages this year. Under pressure from the government, some villagers committed suicide by taking pesticides. On the evening of July 25, Mr. Li, a villager in Xinxing Town in Shandong Province, had his home forcibly demolished and was repeatedly summoned by the police for “illegal mining”. He tried to commit suicide by taking pesticides at the gate of Lanling County Public Security Bureau. He was later sent to the hospital and regained consciousness on the 26th.

Ms. Lu from Shandong said, “merging villages and living together” is a means used by the government to solve financial problems, but the compensation it pays to the villagers is too low to be acceptable. She pointed out that the government used various means to force villagers to sign demolition agreements. Ms. Lu also said that the demolition of houses actually started 10 years ago, way earlier than the village merging campaign.

Ms. Fu, a villager in Wangpingzhuang Village, Gejia, Lanshan District, Linyi City, revealed that her house was demolished 10 years ago, and her father has still been in prison for petitioning. She sadly said that if it weren’t for her father, mother and children, she would not want to live. If anyone encounters such a thing, he or she will want to take pesticides because there is nowhere to seek justice.

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