THE HEART OF A CHAMPION – Powerful Motivational Speech Video

Date: 2020-02-11 02:05:57

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The Heart of a CHAMPION! Everyone wants it, but very few are willing to earn for it. Powerful new motivational speech video from Motiversity.

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Special thanks to Vincent Washington, Freddy Fri and everyone listed below! This video wouldn’t have been possible to create without you!


Bobby (2019)

Written & Directed By: James Grisom

Bobby: Vincent Washington:
Frank: L. Emille Thomas

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Freddy Fri
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Eric Thomas

Bobby and Frank

Mat Wilson
Snapchat: @matywilson

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📘 Recommended Reading List 📘
Amazing Authors like Brendan Burchard, David Goggins, James Clear, Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, Nick Winter, Tara Westover, Mel Robbins, Steven Pressfield, Charles Duhigg, Elizabeth Gilbert, David Allen, Billy Alsbooks, Walter Bond, Kevin Kruse, and Zac Bissonnette.

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