Retired Chinese Veterans Are Forced to Rejoin the Army Epoch News

Date: 2020-07-31 18:30:00

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Back in April, a Chinese veteran living in Beijing told the Epoch Times that he received a phone call from the Ministry of Armed Forces, asking him to join the army again.

“The Ministry of Armed Forces checked on my current situation and asked me to get prepared to return to the army, in response to the call from Chairman Xi. I am almost 50. How can I have the energy to fight in battles? My elder brother also received a phone call from them. So I guess all veterans like us received such phone calls.”

A video recently released confirmed his statement. Two soldiers notified a veteran to go take a physical exam, even though he had already retired from the military. The veteran’s family expressed strong opposition.

Many Chinese citizens are puzzled by the Chinese regimes ever-growing military ambitions this year. First of all, the pandemic is still ravaging China. Second, young soldiers growing up in the one-child era are mostly spoiled youths and can’t be good fighters. What gives Chinese leaders the confidence to provoke neighboring countries?

According to insiders, Xi has made many serious mistakes in handling the pandemic and Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, as well as the U.S.-China trade war, making himself prone to attacks by his political opponents. Therefore, Xi chooses to accomplish something extraordinary to consolidate his power, and that extraordinary mission could be territory expansion on the India-China border, South China Sea, or “unifying Taiwan” by force.

There is also hearsay that China suffered huge losses of soldiers to the pandemic, but the real situation has been kept as a top state secret.

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