Pilates Physical Therapy

Date: 2020-01-25 14:42:41

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Combining exercises and breathing techniques—Pilates therapy is helping patients manage pain. “Any spinal pathologies we can accommodate. The springs actually assist with motion and can resist in certain motions, so for someone who is very low level, Pilates is a great start for them,” explained Diana Rippl, a rehabilitation services manager with Lee Health.

Pilates therapy helps patients build core strength, improve balance, and develop alignment through the spine, shoulders, and hips. “The beauty of Pilates is it really helps us to transition the patient into their own exercise and wellness program,” said Rippl.

For patients like Anna Stephanz, these exercises helped her manage her chronic back pain. “Other than knowing I can’t bend, I didn’t really know how to properly use my back,” she said.

Anna underwent scoliosis surgery in 2007—but when the pain started interfering with work and her daily routine, she decided to give Pilates therapy a try. “Overall, it’s just given me more confidence that I need to use my body and what I’m capable of doing,” said Stephanz.

Techniques and exercises that patients like Anna can continue doing after therapy.

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