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Date: 2020-09-23 23:05:17

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00:00 NYPD Officer Arrested for Allegedly Spying for China
03:59 Multinational Banks Suspected of Laundering $2 Trillion
06:41 Pompeo: Ensure Americans’ TikTok Data Is Not Passed to the CCP
09:01 China Reports All New Coronavirus Cases as ‘Imported’
15:52 U.S. Under Secretary of State Concluded Historic Visit to Taiwan
On September 21, federal prosecutors said that a New York City police officer and U.S. Army Reserve member has been arrested on federal charges of acting as an illegal agent for the Chinese regime.

According to a criminal complaint, Baimadajie Angwang, a 33-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen born in China’s Tibet region, fed intelligence about other ethnic Tibetans in New York to the Chinese Consulate in the city.

Angwang was charged with acting as an agent for China, committing wire fraud, making false statements, and obstructing an official proceeding. He faces up to 55 years imprisonment if convicted of all charges.

Prosecutors also alleged that he helped Chinese consulate officials gain access to senior NYPD officials.

According to the complaint, Angwang also works as a civil affairs specialist in the Army Reserve, holding the rank of staff sergeant and is stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. His work involves planning, training, and executing civil-military programs, the document said. He holds a “secret” level security clearance in connection with this role.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, with more than 160 journalists around the world, reported on Sept. 20 that large multinational banks such as HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, etc., were suspected of assisting criminals, laundering money, and transferring funds up to $2 trillion dollars. Shares in the world’s largest banks plummeted and regulators demanded reform hours after the release of the latest investigation. HSBC and Standard Chartered shares touched their lowest level in as much as 25 years, Reuters reported.

A number of international journalists conducted investigations based on more than 2,100 suspicious activity reports filed by banks. ICIJ analysis found documents identifying more than $2 trillion in transactions between 1999 and 2017 that were flagged by financial institutions’ internal compliance officers as possible money laundering or other criminal activity — including $514 billion at JPMorgan and $1.3 trillion at Deutsche Bank.

JPMorgan, the largest bank based in the United States, moved money for people and companies tied to the massive looting of public funds in Malaysia, Venezuela, and Ukraine, the leaked documents reveal. HSBC continued to move money for questionable characters, including suspected Russian money launderers and a Ponzi scheme under investigation in multiple countries. Deutsche Bank was suspected of laundering money for Ukrainian billionaires.
U.S. President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News on Monday morning that if U.S. companies or investors do not have complete control over TikTok, the transaction will not be approved.

On Sept. 19, President Trump approved in principle a deal under which Oracle and Walmart would receive ownership stakes in Chinese-owned app TikTok. Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview on Sept. 20 that the only principle of the U.S. government is to ensure that Americans’ data does not fall into the hands of the CCP.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, the host of Fox News Sunday Morning Feature on Sept. 21, Pompeo said that Europe has changed its perception toward China and that the CCP threatens Western values ​​in aspects such as faith and trade. He also stated that Europe will join forces with the United States to fight against the CCP.

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