[Exclusive] Overseas Chinese Student Openly Opposes the Chinese Regime CCP Virus COVID-19

Date: 2020-06-13 16:00:09

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It’s been nearly a year since China’s UCF Holdings Group‘s subsidiary “NCF Group” was found to have defrauded 170,000 investors across the country of ¥75 billion ($10.6 billion). However, local police have yet to file the case. On June 5, hundreds of investors defending their rights at the entrance of the Xinhua Center in Xujiahui, Shanghai, were violently dispersed by the police. A number of defenders in their 60s were arrested and taken to the police station to make statements.

On May 26, victimized investors of the “NCF Group” gathered in front of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau to defend their rights, but were instead dispersed by police. On June 5, hundreds of angry victimized investors gathered again in front of the Xinhua Center in Xujiahui, Shanghai, in the drizzling rain. They displayed a banner that read “Repay your debts, Xinhua is responsible” and shouted “UCF Group are scammers, NCF Group is responsible”. There were victims’ signatures all over the banner. Dozens of police officers arrived at the scene to drive away the crowd. An elderly man was deliberately pushed by the police near the entrance of a subway station, then violently dragged into a police car. Many elderly people were also arrested and taken to the Xujiahui police station to make statements.

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