Dead Man Walking – Hillary Overtakes Bernie In Democratic Primary Betting

After another trouncing on Super Tuesday 2, it would seem Americans are really not fans of socialism after all…

Bernie Sanders odds of becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for President have collapsed below those of Hillary Clinton!!

Source: Bloomberg

That certainly de-escalated quickly.

Jonathan Turley noted the significance of March 10th as the likely critical blow to Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the presidency. That was the day – 100 year ago – that Eugene Debs, the last major socialist presidential candidate, lost his bid for freedom. He would run his final presidential campaign from jail.

Sanders seems to have fallen to the Eugene Debs curse not just in terms of the calendar but the response of the establishment. Liberal icons like Louis Brandeis would join in condemning him to prison and his presidential campaigns were harassed by a wide array of political and police forces. For Sanders, the only thing that has changed is the threat of criminal prosecution. The united front against his campaign remained the same.