Daily Briefing – July 22, 2020

Managing editor, Ed Harrison, hosts Jim Bianco of Bianco Research to discuss the Fed and Judy Shelton’s recent nomination, the significance of flows, and his forward look on markets and the economy. Bianco and Harrison first analyze the extreme opposition of Shelton’s nomination as a Fed Governor and consider how the Fed has been a domineering force in supporting markets for the past few months. Bianco then breaks down the types of retail investors and why their influence can prove to be powerful in driving market movements. They end their discussion by talking about the recent rally in gold and silver, and Bianco’s perspective on the bifurcation of markets and the economy, whether stimulus can be effective forever, and the damaged psyche of consumers. In the intro, Nick Correa gives an overview of the status of the US’s new relief bill and how the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program will end sooner than most Americans believe.