Cuban: Once We Get Through This Pandemic Things Are Going to Be OK

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban offered up some words of hope for the United States once it gets through the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Shark Tank” star said advised on Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne” that once the “initial hurdle” gets cleared, “things are going to be OK.” He also urged the American public to take advantage of any available government programs to help during this time.

“Yeah, there is no question it’s scary,” Cuban said of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. “There is no question it is a restart. But you know what, depending on circumstances you’re in, you just have to be aware of all the opportunities available to you. You know, it’s horrific that we’ve had 25 million-plus people lose their job, a lot more underemployed. But, you know, there are services in place. I think the one message going into this, you know, historically I lean libertarian and I’ve been against bigger government or government intruding into everything we do, but you know what? This is a time everybody needs to recognize, you pay your taxes, and if there is a government program available to you, whether it’s PPP or EIDL or whether it is unemployment insurance, you have to really step up and take advantage of it. It is a different time and you have got to think of your family first. But I think once we get through this initial hurdle, things are going to be OK.”

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