Brazil’s Health Authorities Test For Covid-19 in Rio de Janeiro Favelas

Date: 2020-09-04 09:58:37

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The municipality of Rio de Janeiro is performing mass Covid-19 testing on residents of Favela da Providencia.

On Thursday two healthcare workers walked through the favela, talking to residents asking questions about their homes, their businesses, and what streets they lived on.

Only one member of each household is chosen to take the test and get their results within 15 minutes.

It is part of a larger initiative that is attempting to map out the population with Covid-19, while taking into consideration the particular problems that those who live in favelas face.

“They are people who didn’t have quarantine, isolation, nothing,” explained family doctor Yuri Santos Rosa.

According to health authorities the goal is to test some 20,000 people living in 19 favelas, in and around Rio de Janeiro.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has 91,888 confirmed cases and almost 10,000 deaths resulting from Covid-19.

Brazil is close to reaching 4 million confirmed cases and almost 124,000 deaths, according to the Brazilian Health Ministry data.

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